Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Add New Audio/Video Album Page Screen

Add New Audio/Video Album Page

To create a new Audio/Video Album Page:

  1. Enter the Page Title.
  2. Enter the Page Subtitle (optional).
  3. For each file you wish to upload to the page (up to 10 images):
    1. using the Browse button, enter the location of the file in File #x;
    2. enter a Piece Title for the file (optional);
    3. and enter the Lyrics or Description for the file (optional).
  4. Click Upload (at the top or bottom of the page), and you will be directed to a confirmation page if the upload is successful.

    Note: the upload procedure may take several seconds or even minutes, depending on the size and number of files and on your connection speed. It is important not to interrupt the upload process.

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