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Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Calendar : Day Hour Screen

Calendar: Day/Hour View

The Day/Hour View is an overview of a 24 hour period, presented in half-hour increments. The latter half of the day is presented by default. You can schedule single or overlapping events, or add all-day or multi-day events to your calendar (by clicking Add All-Day/Multi-Day).

Afternoon and evening time is shown by default when the Day/Hour View window is opened. To schedule events earlier in the day, you can click the button labeled < Earlier to navigate to the first part of the day. If you are already in the first half of the day, you can click the button labeled Later > to return to the afternoon.

To schedule an event, click on your desired time. To view or change the detail of an existing event, click the Details button next to the event's description.

Clicking the Return to Month View button brings you back to the Month/Week View.

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