Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Calendar Documentation


Your Pro Artist Websites Calendar has many innovative features to help you manage all your personal affairs and public events online. In addition to a public calendar, you can schedule private events, add overlapping events, hide or reveal any or all events from the public, and schedule reminders of particular events to be emailed to you.

You also have access to the integrated Venue Database which helps you keep track of venue contacts, websites, phone numbers, and notes such as driving directions to venues for you and the public.

From the Month/Week View you can click on or navigate to any date; there you can schedule events which may be published in your public calendar or kept private.

Your published, public calendar is available to the public without a password, and is linked into your public website by default. It can be seen by clicking on the link at the top of the Month/Week View as well. Your published, public calendar may be disabled under Settings.

Clicking Exit on any page will close the calendar interface.

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