Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Pro Artist Websites Documentation

Calendar Month/Week View

Month/Week View

This is the principal calendar page, and it is divided into two sections. The top section displays the month view showing the current and next two upcoming months. The lower section displays the current week view. Click the "W" at the beginning of any week in the month view to see that week displayed in the current week view.

The buttons labeled 1 Month Back and 1 Month Forward only affect the month view. You may also select a month and year from the dropdown window and click Go To Month to view that month and year displayed in the month view.

The buttons labeled 1 Week Back and 1 Week Forward only affect the current week view.

Clicking on any date will bring up the Day/Hour View where you may schedule events.

Clicking on an existing event in the current week view will allow you to view or edit the event.

Clicking the View Published Calendar link will display your published, public calendar.

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