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Browser Configuration Instructions: Safari 3.1 for the PC

Caching is something most browsers are configured to do by default in order to save bandwidth. Storing images and text in your local computer's memory can be a good thing, but can cause confusion and frustration when trying to use a browser to update your website and the content doesn't change even after making specific changes! The following instructions will allow you to configure your browser and prevent it from caching old data when working with PAW and will help ensure you see the latest updates you are making to your website within the PAW application.

Configuring Safari 3.1 for the PC to not cache webpages:

From the menu bar click on "Edit" then "Preferences". A box will pop up with a number of icons at the top. Click on the "Advanced" icon. You will see a checkbox at the bottom of this dialog box that says "Show Develop menu in menu bar". Check the box and close the dialog box.

This will add a menu to your menu bar in Safari called "Develop". Click on it and choose "Disable Caches" so that it is checked. Safari is now configured not to cache webpages.

As a final precaution, clear your cache by clicking on "Edit" from the menu bar, then "Empty Cache...". When the dialog box pops up, click the "Empty" button. Your cache is now clear.
Setting Safari 3.1 for the PC not to cache data...

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